Chapel Ridge Building Expansion
God had placed on my heart the deisre to see His Kingdom grow. For this reason the expression of that desire is tied to the Chapel Ridge Family. I envision a building that gives Chapel Ridge the capacity to reach into the community and serve them; I visualize a place where family can grow together in their faith; and, finally, I dream of a space that allows us to continue to excel in missions. A larger building doesn’t guarantee any one of these things. However, a larger space can receive the growth necessary to surpass our current engagement in each of these three areas: out, in and beyond.
The thing that excites me the most about this building campaign is not the larger sanctuary, nor is it the updated children’s education wing; it’s the ‘church for church’ plan. We are going to give away 10% of the funds this building campaign raises to help build God’s Kingdom somewhere else in the world. This means that God’s Kingdom has the potential to grow in our midst alongside development of His plan in another part of the world. This falls right in line with our passion for missions and will serve as a connecting point for future missions relationships. I invite you to be part of something bigger than yourself, bigger than your family, and even bigger than your own Church; be part of God building His Kingdom here and beyond.  -Pastor Luke 

To find out more about what is planned please follow the link below.