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Together Becoming Whole Through Jesus
Learning to love others as ourselves is an important value for us as we focus on children, youth and their families, internationals, those of every economic strata, and people at every stage of wholeness. We believe that living life together is necessary to truly becoming whole. There are many opportunities to become connected and involved, including through small groups and other ministries.
Because everyone has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, we take an intentional approach with discipleship and healing for everyone. A focus on each of these building blocks aids us in our journey to the fullness of a restored relationship with Christ. As we are being transformed, we are also committed to helping others in their Christ-centered journey.
We are convinced that it is only through Jesus that we can be reconciled to God. Through grace we are also filled with His Holy Spirit and are enabled to work towards what God intends us to be. The Bible, worship, and prayer are central to being able to develop this life-giving relationship with God, through Jesus.
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Meet the Chapel Ridge Pastoral team

Lead Pastor
Luke, Lee-Anne & Family have been at Chapel Ridge since May 2013. They have four wonderful children, who help make life very interesting! Luke is passionate about seeing people take their faith outside the borders of church into their community. He also has a passion for music, and uses those abilities to worship God. Luke & Lee-Anne are also photographers and do wedding photography.
Associate Pastor
Shawn and Katrina & Family were delighted to join the staff team at Chapel Ridge in Sept 2017.  They are proud parents of Madalaina, Evan and Abigail.  Shawn has been involved in youth and para-church ministry in the National Capital Region since 1998.  He is passionate about mentoring youth leaders, pointing students toward Jesus and journeying alongside parents.  He enjoys spending quality time with God, his family, his friends and in the great out of doors.

Associate Pastor
Ken & Linda have been at Chapel Ridge for the past 13 years. They have five married children and 12 grandchildren. Pastor Ken is passionate about Christians growing with one another, and growing in their passion for God, as they become whole through the power of Jesus. He has helped lead the church in working with other churches to bless the city with good works, and spreading The Good News, as well as sending others out to the ends of the earth to do the same.
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Chapel Ridge Building Expansion
God had placed on my heart the deisre to see His Kingdom grow. For this reason the expression of that desire is tied to the Chapel Ridge Family. I envision a building that gives Chapel Ridge the capacity to reach into the community and serve them; I visualize a place where family can grow together in their faith; and, finally, I dream of a space that allows us to continue to excel in missions. A larger building doesn’t guarantee any one of these things. However, a larger space can receive the growth necessary to surpass our current engagement in each of these three areas: out, in and beyond.
The thing that excites me the most about this building campaign is not the larger sanctuary, nor is it the updated children’s education wing; it’s the ‘church for church’ plan. We are going to give away 10% of the funds this building campaign raises to help build God’s Kingdom somewhere else in the world. This means that God’s Kingdom has the potential to grow in our midst alongside development of His plan in another part of the world. This falls right in line with our passion for missions and will serve as a connecting point for future missions relationships. I invite you to be part of something bigger than yourself, bigger than your family, and even bigger than your own Church; be part of God building His Kingdom here and beyond.  -Pastor Luke 

To find out more about what is planned please follow the link below.


Chapel Ridge is a Christ-centered, family integrated fellowship

We’re blessed in that you’ve taken the time to visit us here at our online home. Our desire is that this website will serve to give you a glimpse of who we are, and what our goals and passions are. Most importantly, we hope this site helps you feel welcome and more familiar with us before you even decide to pay Chapel Ridge a visit. If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit us in person yet, please consider joining our family of believers at Chapel Ridge.

If you’re looking for a church home that is not too big to get lost in, not too small to be active in, and treasures the opportunity to involve all age groups in opportunities of serving, leading and worshipping, Chapel Ridge may very well be a great place to consider in your search.
“Together becoming whole through Jesus” calls us to take every opportunity we can to serve, build-up, and connect with people through a genuine love, sharing the truth of the Bible and Jesus Christ, and seeking to live out what we believe, both here at Chapel Ridge, and equally so in our community and around the world. 
We hope you see our passion for Jesus and His Gospel. He is the reason that we do what we do everyday— preaching/teaching, children’s ministry, outreach, music ministry, missions, healing ministry, or anything else.




Where can God use your talents?


Chapel Ridge seeks to be a place where you feel welcome, and this includes our worship time as well. We have a wide range of songs and musical styles, but most importantly we want to help foster an environment which allows people to connect with God in a meaningful way, and worship Him in “..in Spirit and in Truth”.

Small Groups

There are many opportunities to become connected with a small group study at Chapel Ridge, where you will find people who care for one another and their neighbours. In these small groups you will find opportunities to use your abilities and passions to serve others through hosting, leading Bible studies, social events, prayer, taking on special projects and caring for one another.


Through the avenue of media and technology, some of the areas that God could use your talents could include anything from recording audio/video messages, assisting with special video projects, website editing, network troubleshooting, or running our sound board during any of our services and events.


Youth Ministry

This is a place where young people come to create friendships, build community and experience faith. Youth at Chapel Ridge is open to everyone no matter where they are in their journey of faith. We value having fun together, sharing our life’s highs and lows, and having great discussions about life issues.


At Chapel Ridge we believe that children are “Not Too Young” to grow their faith or be actively involved in church life and serving others. We have a committed group of volunteers who work in our children’s ministries and they have all received police record checks. Our goal is to bring the Bible to life for children and help them to see how every story in the Bible points us to Jesus and His love for us. Ultimately, we strive to help every child who desires to do so, grow their relationship with Jesus Christ.


There are many ways we seek to bless our city and world with good deeds and sharing The Good News: community gardens, movie nights, literature distribution, Friends for Dinner, compassion projects, freedom-from-debt coaching, website management, and mission trips.

Upcoming Events At Chapel Ridge!
Chapel Ridge Free Methodist Church
5660 Flewellyn Rd.
Stittsville, ON K2S 1B6
Phone: 613-831-1024
Lead Pastor:  Luke Haggett
Associate Pastor:  Ken Roth

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